Because, as Kathrine Switzer says, the first woman to run the Boston Marathon (USA), the “simple act of putting one foot in front of the other can change your life”. And for that reason, we want more and more women to discover that if they take flight on their wings, they are capable of doing many more things than they thought.

Running gives us the opportunity to explore a new world and live, to the rhythm of our running shoes, very intense experiences. It teaches us to be patient, to go step by step but always onwards, and above all things, it makes our hearts bigger … in every way. Running has taught many of us to love ourselves more, and also that there are no limits other than those that one wants to impose on oneself.

Nobody should miss the incredible feeling that comes from crossing a finishing line, so we’ll expect to see you at the starting gate. Come and join us!

The story

They say that big things have small beginnings and that is how the story of Mujeres que corren was written, the first social movement of female running in Spain.

Through social networks, on February 1, 2013, journalist Cristina Mitre, together with a group of friends, called on all the women of Madrid to go jogging in El Retiro Park. 75 women joined in that first meeting and the message spread quickly on internet. The next call was held in March of the same year and more than 200 runners attended.

Since then, Cristina has organized meetings of women who run throughout Spain (Vitoria, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Valencia, Gijón …) and even abroad (London, Holland …) with the aim of proving to all women that they too could run.

Today, MujeresqueCorren is a 2.0 movement, followed daily by thousands of people through social networks with the aim of promoting exercise among women, while raising funds for the Fundación Unoentrecienmil (One-in-a-Thousand Foundation), which promotes research into child leukemia in Spain.

Cristina Mitre

Author of “Women who run – Everything you need to know about running” (seven editions and translation into Chinese and Portuguese) and “Running is living at full power”, has been beauty editor of InStyle magazine, director of beauty for ELLE España and director of Women’s Health magazine for Spain and Portugal. In addition, she gives talks and lectures on motivation, healthy lifestyle and female empowerment through sports. Currently she is working on her digital project while collaborating freelance with media such as ELLE, Mujer Hoy, Yo Dona, among others.

Since 2011, she has led MujeresqueCorren, the first social movement of women’s running to promote exercise among women, while raising funds for research into childhood leukemia through the ProyectoCorre (Run Project) ( of One-in-a-Thousand. Her promotion of physical activity has led her to be part of the jury of the 2016 Princess of Asturias Awards for Sports and to be named ambassador of sport in her hometown of Gijón.

In April 2017, she launched the 1st Women Who Run One-in-a-Thousand Scholarship, which aims to finance the largest study carried out to date in Spain on childhood cancer and physical activity.

Currently, Mitre is preparing what will be her third book and has just released her first documentary Women Who Run, the history of women’s sport in Spain.

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